Sri Lanka profile

Country Profile   Name: The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Location: An island in the Indian Ocean is located to the south of the Indian subcontinent. It lies between 5° 55′ and 9° 55′ north of the equator and between the eastern longitudes 79° 42′ and 81° 52′. Area: 65,610 sq km (25,332 sq … Continue reading

Wild Parks & Wild Life in Sri Lanka

         Wild Parks & Wild Life           The jungles of Sri Lanka abound in a variety of wildlife,which is surprising for an island of its size in the tropics.From ancient days the elephants and peacock from the Sri Lankan jungles were prize exports to the Kingdoms of East and … Continue reading

Galle – The historic port town

Galle          The port town of Galle in the southwest of Sri Lanka has a splendid natural harbour. The port was in use in pre-Christian times, but gained in importance after the 12th century. By the 14th century it was arguably the most important port in the country, and it retained this … Continue reading